Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hi!  Hanging out watching Tropical Storm Isaac - Y100's pic below...

Just a little background on Tough Luck Lane, the novel:  Tough Luck Lane was born from a short story developed for a writer's group back in 2003.  It grew from there... and grew... and grew...  Before I knew it, I had a full-blown novel on my hands!  OMG~!  I'd never written a novel before!

Tons of non-fic magazine articles, newscasts, short stories and snippets of this 'n' that were the bulk of my writing - I was always one to capture a good quote in the little spiral bound notebook or mini composition book I cart around with me.  Damned if I can dig a pen out of the bottom of my pockabook, though.

So here is Tough Luck Lane:  a story about bartender Stacey Jennifer Longacre who leaves her hard-bit existence in Lake Okeechobee with The Mir, her beloved 1987 T-Bird (born the same year as it's namesake, the Russian Space Station), to seek fortune and adventure elsewhere.  

"Elsewhere" turns out to be Pompano Beach.  She serendipitously lands in a bungalow a block from the beach in a Key-West style compound with quirky, memorable characters and the adventure begins... Stay Tuned!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thanks for Stopping by to Tough Luck Lounge

We (my husband John and I), were going to drive up to Tough Luck Lane today in Lake Okeechobee, Florida - yes, it is a REAL place; however, on MapQuesting it, we found it was over 2 hours away - a bit ambitious if we were going to get to the Avengers movie this afternoon (we did, it's awesome, GO!).

We'll plan a trip & keep you posted as well as come back with lots of pics to share.  

Meanwhile... Here's a tip from Stacey Jennifer Longacre, heroine of Tough Luck Lane, bartender, and all-purpose drunk wrangler:

"How Not to Get Totally Smashed:  as a professional bartender & drunk-wrangler, I can tell you that wrangling drunks is the least favorite part of my job.  I'd cart big old heavy garbage cans full of crushed glass out the door before I'd wrangle another drunk but we do what we do.  Anyways - everyone can handle about one drink an hour.  In between, wash down whatever with two glasses of water.  Take your time with the water.  Time your drinks.  More than 4 and you'll probably make a fool of yourself then I'm haulin' your ass out the door and I just stated I'd rather haul glass than ass so pay attention!  Cheers & Beers, Stacey"

There will be more to come so we hope you'll stay tuned & get to know Tough Luck Lane and friends...  Thanks again for stopping by!